Seattle Sounders Long Sleeve Home Shirt








Seattle Sounders have quickly become one of the biggest teams in American football (no, not that type of football!) in their brief five year existence. They’ve also got a pretty iconic shirt which has gained them fans from around the World.

I don’t personally support an MLS side but always keep an eye out for Sounders results as they currently have Obafemi Martins on their roster (that’s just for my American viewers!) and he is a Birmingham City legend. I also met a Sounders fan at the NFL game between the Jacksonville Jaguars and San Francisco 49ers last year at Wembley. Unfortunately for me as a Jags fan, it was a pretty miserable day. Anyway, on with the shirt…

I have been after a Sounders shirt for a while and I’m very glad to be able to add this one to my collection. This is also the ‘authentic’ version which has the US flag patch heat pressed on the arm and has some nice added details such as the Sounders name inside the lining. To top it off it is also long sleeve which is always an added bonus.

As I mentioned, the Sounders were only added to the MLS as an expansion team in 2009. Since then they’ve become the best supported team in the league and won the Open Cup three years in a row while also losing in the final of the Supporters’ Shield. They are yet to win the MLS but with such a strong support, I’ve no doubt that will come.

They are currently top of the Western Division having won 12 of their 18 games so far. Go Sounders!

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