Hong Kong Home Shirt




This blog mainly focuses on non-FIFA football and in all honesty, Hong Kong should probably be a part of that.

They’re a “special administrative region” of China but are allowed to play international football under FIFA. I’m assuming the main reason is because they had played as part of FIFA since 1954, so when the UK handed Hong Kong over to China in 1997, nothing changed.

FIFA now claim that only countries recognised by the United Nations can become full members but obviously there are plenty of current members who aren’t. I guess kicking them all out would probably create quite a stir and it’s no as if FIFA need to alienate any more people!

Not surprisingly, Hong Kong aren’t very good. They are ranked 144th in the World and have never qualified for a World Cup. If China are pretty poor at football, what chance does Hong Kong have?

In the 2015 Asian Cup qualifiers they won just one of their six group games, a 1-0 success over Vietnam, meaning they’ve still not qualified for the tournament since 1968.

The shirt is a few years old by all accounts and is a pretty average looking adidas design. The best thing about it is the Hong Kong crest which is very nice indeed. At least they have something to shout about…

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