Namibia Home Shirt





The first FIFA national shirt I’ve added to the blog in a while but you can hardly blame me when it’s as brilliant as it is!

The Namibian national team is still in its infancy and that is part of the reason why they haven’t enjoyed much success since their first international after independence from South Africa in 1990. They have of course never qualified for the World Cup and have only qualified for the African Cup of Nations twice – going out at the group stage both times.

I won’t bore you with the details of the 2015 African Cup of Nations qualifying, basically because I don’t understand it! But the ‘Brave Warriors’ have to get past Congo over two legs to progress which may prove difficult as they are ranked 91st in the World by FIFA, 36 places higher than the 127th placed Namibia.

I have a bit of an infatuation with Namibia. I watched them play in a Cricket World Cup (2003 if I remember correctly) and remember seeing one of their players bowl with sheer amazement. He had such a strange action and the commentators then said he was a doctor by profession also played for the Namibian rugby team – it showed! They quickly became a country I followed across all sports. Anyway, enough about cricket…

Puma do great work with most of the African nations and this is no different. They invited artists from the Creative African Network to make designs to be placed on each national shirt meaning the shirts were, basically, created by local people. Puma continue to put out some really great designs for African teams and it’s certainly become a hotbed of brilliant national shirts!

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