Saaremaa Long Sleeve, Match Worn Away Shirt







If you’ve looked at the pictures, you’re probably wondering why it has FC Kuressaare emblazoned on the shirt when I have listed it as a Saaremaa shirt. In fact, both are correct!

Saaremaa is the biggest island in Estonia and the main island in the Saare County. Kuressaare is the capital of Saaremaa and their football team play in the Esiliiga, the second tier in Estonia, after relegation last season. They have a ‘yo-yo club’ tag with 11 promotions and relegations since 1998. As a Birmingham City fan, I think I have found our Estonian counterparts!

The Saaremaa team competes in the Island Games and actually uses the FC Kuressaare shirt as its national jersey. Before the 2013 games in Bermuda, which most teams missed, it had competed in seven straight Island Games, finishing a best sixth place in both 2011 and 2005.

I would like to thank Saaremaa and FC Kuressaare legend Martti Pukk for helping me out massively in getting the shirt. Martti has competed for Kuressaare since 2004 and has been involved in all Island Games tournaments since 2005, scoring lots of goals for both sides over the years. He has informed me that this shirt was worn by Mark Svets, who has 16 caps for Estonia, in 2009 and Elar Tovstik in 2010.

The shirt itself is a very nice design and is the away shirt for both FC Kuressaare and Saaremaa. It’ll be great to see how the Saaremaa side do in the Island Games next year in Jersey and I’m hoping to add some more Kuressaare/Saaremaa shirts in the future!

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