What Is Non-FIFA Football?

Non-FIFA football does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s football played between countries, states, islands or regions that aren’t, and in most cases will never be, FIFA members.

However, that’s the beauty of non-FIFA football. People who would never be allowed to play international football by the overlords at FIFA can represent themselves on the world stage.

The NF Board used to be one of the main players in non-FIFA football but they seem to have gone off the radar a bit in the last year and a new organisation, ConIFA, have taken over. Their first tournament, the World Football Cup, is scheduled for this summer in Ostersund, Sweden.

The VIVA World Cup was held five times by the NF Board with Padania winning three and Sapmi and Kurdistan winning the others. The last tournament was held in 2012. There have been other tournaments organised such as the FIFI Wild Cup by German club St Pauli and The ELF Cup by the Northern Cyprus FA.

There are also other competitions around the World that have been held for much longer. The Island Games has included football since 1989 and has been won by the likes of the Faroe Islands, Jersey, Gibraltar and the Isle of Wight. There is also the Muratti Vase which includes Guernsey, Jersey and Alderney which dates all the way back to 1905.

There are plenty of other examples across the globe and that’s why non-FIFA football is so great. It allows everybody to play football, regardless of anything political unlike FIFA (as much as they try and say otherwise). It’s football in its purest form.

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