Recreativo de Huelva Away Shirt







If the UNAM Pumas shirt wasn’t enough for you, please just take a minute to look at this shirt. It’s quite frankly a work of art and would look more at place in the Louvre than a football stadium.

Thankfully for us, Spanish team Recreativo de Huelva took the plunge and went for the spots. The end product is a wonderful football shirt than any serious collector should own. You would not believe the looks of jealousy you get when wearing this bad boy!

This was Huelva’s away shirt as they finished eighth in the Spanish Segunda Division in the 2012-13 season. It’s no surprise that Hummel were the culprits with this shirt. They like to take chances and it paid off with this iconic shirt.

Their home shirt from the same year was just as good and it’s fair to say Huelva have become one of the most envied teams in World football because no other side can realistically match their excellent kits.

Thankfully the good guys at Classic Football Shirts had this one for a reasonable price and if you’ve got some sense you should go ahead and order it right now!

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