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Most non-FIFA teams will say that they deserve to play ‘recognised’ international football and I doubt many people could argue against Greenland having a pretty good case.

Greenland as a place is fascinating; it’s the largest island in the world with three quarters of it covered by ice. It’s an autonomous country within the Kingdom of Denmark which is one of the hurdles they have to jump to be recognised by FIFA. The Danes have always seemingly backed Greenland’s desire to play football so I don’t see why they would ‘do a Spain’ so to speak.

One of the biggest things with Greenland is the weather and the fact that they’ve only recently (well, 2010) built a FIFA approved ground with a synthetic pitch. I imagine grass is hard to maintain when it’s frozen for most of the year…

On the pitch, The Polar Teddy Bears get most of their action in the Island Games and finished runners up to hosts Bermuda in last year’s tournament – their best ever finish. Greenland has a long way to go, both on and off the pitch, to catch the eye of FIFA. They’re not full UN members themselves, although Denmark are, so whether they’ll ever be able to play on the same stage as the Faroe Islands is debatable.

I’d been after a Greenland shirt for some time so was very happy to finally find one for sale on a Danish sports website. Umbro always make great shirts and this is a basic but classy design. It also features the Greenland flag on the back but unfortunately doesn’t have the really cool Coca-Cola sponsor on the front like some of their older shirts. Still, a very nice shirt from one of football’s more interesting stories.

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