Croatia Home Shirt



One of, if not the most recognisable shirt in world football – and probably one of the coolest.

I always wanted a Croatia shirt so bit the bullet a few years back and I still wear it to this day. Their home shirts don’t really change much as there’s only so much you can really do with a chequered design!

I had a bit of a facination with Croatia from a young age. I was way more obsessed with Alen Boksic and Davor Suker than a nine or ten year old should be.

Back then I couldn’t get enough of Premier League football, despite my club not playing in it. I’ve since drifted away back to the lower leagues but I still look back with fondness to some players such as Boksic.

Nike’s designs, I find, are normally quite plain but even they couldn’t ruin a Croatia shirt and there’s another good Nike shirt coming up shortly…

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