Guernsey FC Home Shirt





I know what you’re thinking… that’s cheating! Well maybe it is but it’s my blog so I make the rules! I’ve tried to get a Guernsey national shirt with no luck so when I noticed Guernsey FC were selling off their shirts, I just had to get one.

Guernsey FC is basically just Guernsey’s national side playing in the English league system. They’re in their third season and are currently in the Ryman League South – seven divisions below the Premier League. They’ve won back-to-back promotions and might make it into the Ryman Premier through the play-offs this campaign.

It’s fair to say that Guernsey went a different route to other non-FIFA national sides who lobby for FIFA involvement. They decided to form a club side and go that way which has turned out to be fruitful so far. It will be interesting to see how far they can go with just Guernsey players but they do have quality performers like Ross Allen and Ryan Zico-Black.

Some people moaned recently when Guernsey put out a ‘weakened’ side for the Muratti Vase game against Alderney. With a Ryman South game the same weekend, Guernsey opted to place importance on that instead of the Vase, which they have competed in since 1905 and won 44 times.

The shirt itself is made by RAM, who I am not familiar with. That being said, I like the design and don’t have many green shirts so it was a welcome addition. The only downside is that the badge/sponsor/flag are printed into the fabric and aren’t stitched but that’s a minor gripe.

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