Tibet Long Sleeve Home Shirt





Often referred to as ‘The Forbidden Team’ after the documentary that followed their preparations for the first ever Tibet game in history against Greenland in 2001. Most people think of the Dalai Lama rather than the beautiful game when it comes to Tibet.

But football hasn’t come easily to Tibet. The controversary surrounding the game against Greenland grabbed headlines, mostly down to China playing party pooper (China, meet Spain…) and trying to get the game called off. Politics has no place in football. Or so you’ll be told…

Fortunately the game did go ahead and Tibet were recognised on the world stage albeit following a 4-1 defeat. Unsurprisingly, the team, based in India, hasn’t had much success on the field.

The team competed in the Wild Cup as well as the ELF Cup in 2006 but since then haven’t played a great deal with funding, I assume, being the biggest hurdle. From what I can tell they’ve not played recently and hopefully that will change.

If not, Tibet will have enjoyed their time in the football limelight and it may just have led to more people being educated about their strife.

The shirt itself is an older design from Hummel and they always seem to do a good job. The Tibet FA badge is awesome and the Tibet flag is on the arm – it also includes the lace detail included on a lot of old English club shirts. Their current shirt made by Copa is also very awesome and may find its way into my collection at some stage…

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