FC Dallas Away Shirt







Second MLS shirt to add to the blog and it’s another lovely shirt in my opinion. This is the 2012-13 away shirt from FC Dallas, who are one of only ten MLS starter clubs having been in the league since its formation in 1996. Until 2005 they were known as Dallas Burn.

They are yet to win the MLS but got close in 2010 before losing in the final of the play-offs to the Colorado Rapids and are currently fifth in the Western Conference which would see them through to the MLS Cup knockout round.

Apart from that I don’t know too much about the club. I have always wanted to visit Texas as it just seems like a crazy place like nowhere else in the World. Unfortunately Dallas has quite a bad name when it comes to sports mainly because of the Dallas Cowboys in the NFL who everybody hates and laughs at.

I’ll give FC Dallas the benefit of the doubt though as this shirt is lovely. The home is the same but has red instead of blue but I preferred this one. It was also picked up in the CFS sale so it was great value for money. Whatever people’s opinions of the MLS are, their clubs have some awesome shirts!

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