Quebec Home Shirt






Most non-FIFA sides say their mission is to share their culture and language through football. Most seem distanced and disillusioned by their surroundings and if any side can lay claim to that feeling surely it’s Quebec.

The Canadian province speak a different language to the rest of their country which I imagine is pretty tough at times. Imagine not being able to talk to the north of England because they all spoke a different language? Ok, a bad example…

They only started playing non-FIFA internationals last year at theĀ International Peoples, Cultures, and Tribes Tournament, beating a Tibet Select side, Provence and an Armenian Select team. They lost to Kurdistan in the semi-final but it was a decent debut. They have a number of players from MLS side Montreal Impact who are obviously of a good standard.

Now the Quebecois are a member of ConIFA and will be competing in the World Football Cup in June. They have been drawn with Darfur and non-FIFA heavyweights Padania in Group C. The Quebec and Padania match should be very interesting indeed.

The shirt itself is very nice and a big thank you to the Quebec Football Association for helping me out. The shirt is made by Italian firm Mass who make a lot of Uruguayan club team’s jerseys. There are a lot of nice details on the shirt such as the Quebec flag on the arm and of course the fleur-de-lis on the chest. I always like to see those kind of things on national shirts – it really makes it stand out from the bland ‘stock’ designs that a lot of bigger nations have.

Allez Les Quebecois!

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