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Slovenia Home Shirt



I must admit that this is one of my favourite football shirts of all time. Much like the Croatia shirt, Slovenia seem to go for a very original design which makes their shirts all the more special.

As I said previously, Nike have started to go downhill a bit with national shirts but even their latest Slovenia attempt is brilliant and I may have to make the upgrade at some point.

The Slovenians used to play in all green but after a bit of research, it seems the country’s inhabitants weren’t best pleased as the national colours are actually red, white and blue (which explains the flag…).

Hence the movement away from mainly green and to white, although green still features and the away shirt is a baby blue colour which is the same design.

The design on the front is meant to depict Mt Triglav which is the highest mountain in Slovenia. The team played its first international in 1992, a year after the split with Yugoslavia.

Since then they’ve graced us with Zlatko Zahovic and, ermmm, Bostjan Cesar of West Brom fame? Still a really cool shirt though…