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Brondby Away Shirt






Brondby are probably one of, if not the most, recognisable Danish clubs. They have won ten national Danish football championship titles and six national Danish Cups since joining the top league in 1981.

They compete in the ‘New Firm’ derby against FC Copenhagen but have had some tough times recently. They haven’t won the league since 2005 and have had financial troubles which have seen the club close to bankruptcy.

I always remember Brondby for being the club Man United signed Peter Schmeichel from. I also used to play as them on the old Champions League games as they were one of the weaker teams. Unfortunately they’ve not quite reached those heights for some time.

I found this shirt for just £10 in a Sports Direct store. It was a pleasant surprise as Sports Direct unfortunately don’t carry that many cheap, obscure football shirts like the good old days.

This was Brondby’s away shirt in the 2011-12 season (I think) although it’s hard to find much about it. I think they were sponsored by Unicef so I’m no entirely sure why this one doesn’t have a sponsor but maybe they were produced without the sponsor on. Either way, I’m not complaining as it makes the shirt even better in my opinion. It’s a lovely colour (listed as shale whatever the hell that is) and the bright yellow really works with it. A great shirt at a great price!