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France Police Home Shirt







One of the more obscure additions to the blog but an interesting one nonetheless.

Unfortunately, I can’t give too much information on this one as I don’t really know anything about the team! What I do know is that it is the home shirt for the French Police football team hence the ‘Federation Sportive de la Police Francaise’ on the badge. Oh and the giant ‘FRANCE’ lettering on the back…

After looking at their website, it seems they play a hell of a lot of sports and are pretty successful on the football side. From what I can tell there is a European tournament for national police teams and there is one this year being held in the Czech Republic from June 23-30.

France, winners in 2010, will compete alongside the hosts as well as Germany, who the French beat in the final, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Netherlands, Switzerland and the winner of a play-off between Austria and Greece. Unfortunately the UK side didn’t make it. Poor form indeed…

There will be another ‘left field’ addition tomorrow so keep your eyes peeled!