Honduras Home Shirt




I know what you’re thinking: Honduras aren’t non-FIFA!! They’re not but while I wait for my first non-FIFA shirts, I thought I’d upload pictures of a couple of shirts I already own that I particularly like.

I’ve has this Honduras home shirt for quite a while and before their recent football revival. They’re up to 36th in the FIFA rankings although we all know how flawed they are…

Los Catrachos have only qualified for the World Cup twice and have never won a game at the finals but they enter this summer’s competition full of hope. And with a group consisting of France, Ecuador and Switzerland, they have a real chance of getting through.

So yeah, my first shirt on here and a couple more FIFA ones will follow. I really like Joma shirts and while the design is simple, there’s enough detail to make it interesting.

Non-FIFA? Why?!

I’ve joined the club. I’m an addict. I’ve always be fascinated (some would say too fascinated!) with football shirts. And football in general.

I just think football shirts are wonderful. You can instantly connect with a complete strange due to a football shirt. I was in Italy a few years ago and was wearing my Birmingham City shirt (yes, mock me) when I saw a bloke in a Newcastle shirt.

We both stopped for a second, wondering what we should do when we both spotted a teenager in an FC Midtjylland shirt. I had always wanted one so was insanely jealous.

I’ve thought about collecting shirts for a while but never decided what exactly to collect. Club sides are a bit ‘meh’ for me so was always going to be national.

That’s when I read the wonderful ‘Outcasts! The lands that FIFA forgot’ by Steve Menary. I started to delve more into Non-FIFA football ¬†and can’t stop reading about the various nations/teams playing.

So then I decided, Non-FIFA was the way to go! Way more troublesome and expensive than a normal national collection but infinitely more interesting and cool.

I find Non-League football better than the higher levels of the game. Football is played for the right reason – the same with Non-FIFA football.

My first two shirts have been ordered and so the journey begins…

A collection of mainly Non-FIFA football shirts