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Non-FIFA? Why?!

I’ve joined the club. I’m an addict. I’ve always be fascinated (some would say too fascinated!) with football shirts. And football in general.

I just think football shirts are wonderful. You can instantly connect with a complete strange due to a football shirt. I was in Italy a few years ago and was wearing my Birmingham City shirt (yes, mock me) when I saw a bloke in a Newcastle shirt.

We both stopped for a second, wondering what we should do when we both spotted a teenager in an FC Midtjylland shirt. I had always wanted one so was insanely jealous.

I’ve thought about collecting shirts for a while but never decided what exactly to collect. Club sides are a bit ‘meh’ for me so was always going to be national.

That’s when I read the wonderful ‘Outcasts! The lands that FIFA forgot’ by Steve Menary. I started to delve more into Non-FIFA football ¬†and can’t stop reading about the various nations/teams playing.

So then I decided, Non-FIFA was the way to go! Way more troublesome and expensive than a normal national collection but infinitely more interesting and cool.

I find Non-League football better than the higher levels of the game. Football is played for the right reason – the same with Non-FIFA football.

My first two shirts have been ordered and so the journey begins…